#bookaweek2015 Yo’ Mama’s DisFUNKtional! fighting the culture wars in urban america


As I begin to flesh out my dissertation proposal, I am exposing myself to some recent (last decade) texts that engage ideas of Black male identity in America. I was referred to this book by my advisor, and as an admirer of Robin D. G. Kelley, I was intrigued to engage in a book of his. Unfortunately, this book is somewhat dated. Many of the thoughts and ideas he shared were familiar to me. However, the final chapter / epilogue was creative and eloquent in ways that many other books to not take a chance on doing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In the end, I can sum up the points in the book by one sentence for each chapter.

Chapter 1: Social science constructed a monolithic view of authentic blackness rooted in males.

Chapter 2: As an alternative to the unproductive Black man metanarrative, Kelley proposes that the quest for fame and fortune by playing sports or turning to leisure to make money is a product of limited economic and work opportunities for Black men.

Chapter 3: limits of self-help (self explanatory)

Chapter 4: Engaging the political scientists and philosophers that are admirers of the enlightenment.

Chapter 5: support for labor union organizing


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